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Let’s say #helloworld

nanos world is the next generation multiplayer sandbox game created by you and nanos. We do this by allowing players, developers and modders themselves to build their own game upon and to integrate their work in nanos world. Built upon Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), nanos framework and our experience, especially from Just Cause 3: Multiplayer and other modifications we created, you can turn your world into whatever you’d like. Bringing all participants to the table, players can join thousands of different worlds and thousands of different game modes with only one game and everybody can contribute to our common project.

For the creative minds out there!

For every knowledge level

With nanos world you can realize your own game ideas and visions. Therefore, scripters can create their own game modes in Lua. There are a lot of gamers who have a game idea, but cannot realize it due to their limited knowledge and the high complexity of game development. With nanos world we create an environment in which these gamers can express themselves together with other gamers from around the world. For experienced modders, developers and scripters on a semi-professional or professional level we are going to create a complex and powerful scripting API and other systems which can be used to create very complex and advanced games, too. We give you direct access to the whole power of Unreal Engine 4.

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Our vision...

Our Vision and Concept is to change the way multiplayer gaming is experienced. The combination of UE4 and nanos framework provides possibilities which is only limited by your imagination. Thus, it is very important to us to involve everybody in our project: Developers, modders, game mode creators and players. We want to provide you many opportunities to express yourself, not only to gain recognition but also to profit financially from your own work. Your power and the power of the community is what we aim to make useful to create the best multiplayer experience, together. Furthermore, this shall be reflected in our pricing policy. We are going to participate on the income people earn with nanos world to ensure a fair and equitable pricing policy and we are not going to charge players a lot of money!