nanos world

next-generation open world multiplayer sandbox game


nanos world is the next generation multiplayer sandbox game created by you and nanos πŸ”₯

There are a lot of gamers who have a game idea, but cannot realize it due to their limited knowledge and the high complexity of game development.

Using the power of Lua scripting and Unreal Engine 4 (5 soonβ„’), nanos world allows it's creators to materialize their own game ideas and visions!

Check out our roadmap to see all our upcoming features and plans! πŸ“…


We expose an easy yet powerful scripting API including a modern gameplay framework, leaving just the creative part to you! Suitable for both beginning and advanced programmers!

We ❀️ developers, multiplayer and great performance! We do it for love!

Dive deep into our documentation and start your own server in less than 10 minutes!


the full sandbox experience, done right πŸ˜‰

πŸš€ fast and reliable dedicated server

With less than 50MB of RAM and 1 Core is enough to start your server! Our barebone is developed at low-level always having performance as top priority.

easy scripting & modding 🐣

Our Scripting API is intended to be as simple as possible, we use the OOP Model and Events to expose all gameplay functionality!

Spawn a Prop on the map with a single Lua line! Check it out in our Getting Started guide!

πŸ›οΈ built-in workshop & marketplace

Use our workshop to share, download and monetizeΒΉ the content you've created!

Easily publish and download tons of new addons for your server! 😘

active development and support πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

We love our community! We take your opinions and feedbacks very seriously! Come directly talk to us in our Discord!

All bugs & suggestions reported in our Issue Tracker are thoroughly analysed!

πŸ—ΊοΈ really big maps

There is no upper limits in nanos world, we have the mindset that this must be scalable in all respects. Everything is designed to be as efficient as possible.

There is no hard limitation for map sizes, props count or even players! It supports as many as the hardware can handle! 1024 players servers allowed! πŸ”

fully customizable πŸš‚

We expose several functions to allow customizing the meshes, props and everything around you at runtime! Load images from disk or even sounds and use them directly, without the need to compile beforehand on Unreal Engine!

It is even possible to load a WebUI as texture into any 3D surface or as masks for Lights - it works in real time!

🧱 import unreal engine assets

Easily import any Unreal Engine content with the help of our handy Assets Development Kit.

From custom Maps, Static Meshes for Props, Meshes for Characters, Weapons and Vehicles, and even UE4's Standalone Games into nanos world!

actively tested in proton 🐧

We πŸ–€ Linux! nanos world is continually tested in Proton to ensure everything runs perfect for Linux gaming!

No incompatibilities allowed! No special tweaks! Just click and play!

πŸ’¨ entirely steam integrated

We put all our efforts to make the best experience possible for players! Expect Achievements, customizable Rich Presence, Steam Servers, and everything you may want from Steam SDK.

Also we are constantly adding more integrations to improve the player's experience and add new ways to scripters make use of that!

we love our community πŸ’‘

We actively work to maintain a healthy environment in our community! All members are part of our family for us!

We know how important it is to have an active, partnering community. No toxicity allowed!

🌊 dynamic water physics

nanos world integrates seamlessly the new Unreal Water System into the game.

All entities, including Characters, Props and even Vehicles floats automatically, and even flows on the river! To make use of that, just spawn a Water Actor into your map! No more action is needed!

built-in day/night cycle 🌞🌚

With the dynamic day/night cycle, you can really give life to your game-modes!

nanos world exposes a built-in Sun with tons of customizations to allow you to tweak everything on the environment with few Lua functions.

🎈 balloons + physics = 100% fun

Playing in the Official Sandbox game-mode is surely fun! But enjoying the balloons surpass any expectation!

Using all the power of Unreal Engine physics we can create all kinds of interactions, including very funny Balloons and Thrusters!

web-ui user interface 🌐

With nanos world you can create your game interface easily using HTML, CSS and JS.

We've integrated all the power and speed of Ultralight library into nanos world allowing easy and fast interop between Lua and UI layers!

🎯 procedural ADS aiming

The whole aiming system uses procedural and dynamic animations! You can configure your own Weapon using imported Meshes and just set where is the Sight location.

Everything else is procedurally calculated to give the highest level of immersion possible!

AI πŸ€–

You will never be alone with nanos world Artificial Intelligence! Easily give life to your packages!

Nav Mesh/Path Finding included! Bots can dynamically find how to move to a spot, shoot at some point and even interact with the environment!

πŸ’‘ endless possibilities

Props, Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Cables, Lights, Particles, Billboards, Sounds, Decals and much more...

There are more than 15 unique game-play entities that can be used in your package! Check the complete list in our docs.

ΒΉmonetizing is not yet available in the current game state.

join the closed alpha now in our

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