Development Blog #1 (update 0.33.0, 0.34.0, 0.35.0)

Hey guys,

Welcome to our first development blog entry. We decided to give you every week an overview about what happend in the last week. Since, we didn't give you any information about our last updates this development blog will give a lot to read! Starting from next Monday, we will publish a new blog entry on a weekly basis!


We implement our first VOIP system - you demanded it, we delivered it! The initial version of VOIP can work in a 2D/global or in a 3D/local mode. Press K to push-to-talk!

We are looking for new guys!

We are looking for talented 3D-Artists, Level-Designers and Designers to join our team. A call for application we follow shortly. If you are interested in joining our team, you can already contact me in discord (Malte S.).

Progress on our Beta Map

After we finished the new map we had some difficulties to implement the map into UE4. Our main focus lies on performance: So we needed to implement the map with some other details than we planned. We are currently fixing some issues and started to paint the map. Also, we started to add our foliage.

foliage on the northern island

Information about the Updates 0.33.0 - 0.34.0 - 0.35.0

  • Settings screen have now much more settings to configure the game (FOV, Gama, Volumes, Control toggles and more) and a new KEY BINDINGS section to configure and switch the keyboard keys! - (0.35.0).
  • New Sound class! Now it is possible to spawn and control sounds through scripting! Please refer to - (0.35.0).
  • New Character methods: SetSpeedMultiplier(), SetGaitMode(), and SetTeam() (to disable friendly fire) - (0.34.0).
  • We added Player:SetCameraRotation() and Player:SetCameraLocation() methods (0.33.0).
  • We fixed and improved the weapon system (0.33.0).
  • For your administration system we now added the Player methods: Kick() and Ban() - (0.34.0).
  • Improvement of the asset system.
  • Fixed tones of bugs (we won't waste your time reading the whole list...).

This was a short overview - we left out some information to protect you against a text wall. From next week on we will give you more details!

Later this week...

Dear testers, since Dennis celebrated his birthday, or in his words "since that yesterday didn‘t really work (I waited a few minutes and had to leave -> birthday)" the next tester meeting is scheduled for this week Sunday, 20 p.m. (UTC+02:00). Be prepared for some nanos world action, a short presentation about the current status and exclusive news!

Here is a small teaser. Our developer Olivato (Gabriel Olivato) is working on a game mode to present the power of nanos world to you:

That's it...

... for this week so far. Thank you for your amazing support. If you have any questions don't hesitate to join our discord and to ask us!

Stay tuned!