Development Blog #2

Hey guys,

Welcome to our second development blog entry. This week we are talking about our documentation and the new update 0.36!


We know that it is important to provide good tutorials and great documentation for your scripting in nanos world. Thus, overtime we will improve our documentation and tutorials. Check out the latest changes on

Testers: Update your code!

Dear Testers, due to the 0.36 changes you need to update your code.

Client: All methods are now accessed with : instead of .. All Events (KeyUp, KeyDown, MouseUp, MouseDown, Console and Tick) are triggered on Client:on("Tick", …) instead of globally (on:("Tick", …)).

Render: All methods are now accessed with : instead of .. All Events (ViewportResized) are triggered on Render:on("ViewportResized", …) instead of globally (on:("ViewportResized", …)).

World: All methods are now accessed with : instead of ..

New Features 0.36

  • New Player Name! Now you can set your name at the Settings! Which can be accessed by scripting with player:Get/SetName()
  • New Fall/Run Over Damage. Now if you felt from a high cliff or get run over, you will get damaged!
  • New Static Classes (this will replace the docs Global Variables), now all Static Classes are accessed with : (instead of .) and the events are triggered in them and not globally anymore. Please scripters refer to the docs and to the Upgrade section!
  • New SFX Volume control at the settings (0.36.1).

Improvements 0.36

  • Now Props/Pickables have custom/procedural (not yet perfect) sounds when they hit the ground.
  • Now Errors and Warnings are less aggressive on console in some situations.

Bug Fixes 0.36

  • Fixed AI's Characters ragdoll flying away when dead.
  • Fixed Prop Grabbing flickering sometimes (thanks KILL3RBR0 for warning us).
  • Fixed weapon aiming effects not working properly.
  • Fixed some bugs causing crashes.
  • Fixed linux server not being able to make HTTP Requests. (fixed with a palliative) (0.36.1)
  • Fixed a bug causing scripting to do not remove deleted entities from global list (NanosWorld:GetPlayers(), GetVehicles()... etc) (0.36.1)

New Media Content

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