Development Blog #3

Hey guys! DevBlog #3 incoming with some brand new screenshots taken from our latest testing session.

Testing Session

During our team meeting we had a lot of fun testing nanos world's feature. Robert and Quentin (Myami) created a simple DM Game Mode which tested our whole API: From easy game play elements to custom asset integration. Furthermore, we had a lot of fun on our standard testing island shooting each other. Without any further ado, here are some impressions:

Call for 3D Artists and Level Designer

We are looking for new members joining our team. Read more here:

Development Update

We are currently fixing the bugs which were discovered during our testing sessions and which were reported by testers.

Upcoming Event

Next week Monday, we will have another internal testing session. All testers are invited to join the session!

That's it...

... for this week. Again, thank you for your support and kind words! This keeps us motivated! Stay tuned...