Development Blog #4

Hey guys, welcome back to our development blog series. Today, we have a huge announcement: We implemented a first HTML UI version!


With the suggestion of one of our testers (Nogitsu), our lead developer Gabriel managed to implement the new class WebUI. With WebUI you are now enabled to create powerful UIs easily designed like a webpage using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It is also already possible to transmit data between your UI and your Client's Package. Read more about the class here:

Furthermore, checkout the small tutorial "Basic HUD (HTML)" Gabriel wrote:

Apply as Tester now!

Last weekend, we announced a new application round for testers. If you are interested in testing nanos world, our scripting API and our WebUI feature apply here:

Update 0.37.1


  • We did a big overhaul on all Scripting (Lua) layer, which will increase a lot the performance and it is supposed that now it is crash-free. Please test to the fullest. Is anything weird or not working properly? Please let us know!
  • Minor improvements on the usability of the Console, In-Game Menu and Chat.
  • Timer was reworked and it's syntax was changed to Timer:SetTimeout(number, function, [table {Args…}]) instead of Timer:SetTimeout(number, [table {Args…}], function). A warning will appear notifying that. Please update your code for deprecating and contact us for anything weird or not working properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Camera Shaking when an AI was firing.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Punching.

Gabriel Olivato's twitch stream

Our developer 'Olivato' is streaming the development of his game mode. If you are interested in watching him, please follow

As soon as there will be an official nanos world channel we will let you know!

That's it...

... for this week! See you next week!