Development Blog #5

Welcome back to our development blog series. Today, we are happy to announce that we implemented WebUI and shipped it to the testers!

New tester wave

Tomorrow, we will close the current tester application round. Through the next week, we will send the NDAs to the selected new testers. Don't miss the opportunity to apply here:

UPDATE! Due to some requests we will extend the application phase for two weeks. Still, we will start sending out the NDAs.


We shipped our WebUI to the testers with our latest 0.38 update! Now it is possible to draw custom HTML pages (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) on the screen and communicate with your Lua's packages! It is even possible to load an external URL! Check it out:


We are going to implement more animations. More information will follow, but here is a first impression:

Update 0.38


  • Beside WebUI and besides several hot fixes (update 0.38.1) we did a big improvement on scripting's error messages feedback, now it will be easier to debug certain type of errors caused by your scripting code. Ex: Error on calling method 'SetRotation': Expected 'Rotator', got 'Vector'.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed TakeDamage event triggering after Death. Now it triggers before.
  • Fixed Health being returned as negative sometimes.

That's it...

... for today. We hope that you enjoy your holidays and hope to see you soon!