Development Blog #7

Hey guys,

here is another blog entry with a lots of new information!

New Testers and Testing Sessions

We had more testing sessions and it was a lot of fun. Many testers start development on their projects already and we will give you some information soon. For example, EinfachMax started to develop a TTT Game Mode. We played and streamed it, and you will be able to play it after the release. Let us thank all testers for their efforts - and all the issues you created!

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We know you can’t see these developments but we are impressed with how many testers are developing game modes and snippets already. We appreciate it and it shows us how community driven our projects is.


We decided to stream more game play and game mode sessions. We also want to discuss the future system with the community. We already asked our testers about the discussion stream we will have. All streams will be scheduled, please check out our twitch page:

Screenshot Saturday

We will participate on Screenshot Saturday! Every Saturday our Community Manager Abbygaellev will choose one screenshot taken by our testers!


We created a road map! You can find it on the link under this paragraph but also on our website by clicking... Roadmap! We use it to share with you major features that are in development! Go check it regularly as it may change from time to time with news ideas.

New Features

We implemented new features in 0.42 and 0.43, here are the important ones:

  • New Sound constructor parameters: InnerRadius, FalloffDistance, AttenuationFunction and KeepPlayingWhenSilent. Also a new Method: InnerRadius.
  • We added the new Player event: Player:on("VOIP", IsTalking).
  • Improvement on the chat system: New Client:SendChatMessage() to add a message to the chat locally & new Server:on("Chat") event.
  • New Client:SetCrosshairEnabled().

Improvement to our File Transferring System

We improved our file transfer system. We've also implemented a 'Small File Optimization' approach which will send small files in a MUCH faster way. In some cases the overall time to download all files (during connecting to a server) got 90% faster!

Other Improvements

  • Now a better message will appear when you are disconnected from a server (e.g. Server is Full or Password is Wrong).
  • Improved Weapon's shot light and hit feedback.
  • Blood was slightly improved.
  • We've also improved our Loading Screen design as we are preparing it to allow custom server images during the load.
  • We've improved the warning/error of Server got stuck for Xms. We've added a brief explanation why it happens at our docs:

That's it and...

last but not least, here is a huge list with our bug fixes:

Fixes 0.42.0
*  Improved and fixed some WebUI Logs which was not appearing on Client's Console.
*  Fixed bug causing Server:ChangeMap() not work with external Asset Packs.
*  Fixed a crash passing special tables through functions/events.
*  Fixed a bug causing a crash on client when Unloading WebUIs.
*  [Issue #83] Fixed a bug causing crashes when using DNS IPs to direct connect - thanks TheToor.
*  [Issue #81] Fixed a bug related to Server's MaxPlayers not working properly - thanks TheToor.
*  Fixed Sound entity bugs with autoDestroy = true, also fixed sounds volume not being affected by the Settings.
*  Fixed a problem passing WebUI events with apostrophe or quotes.
*  Fixed a bug causing the game to crash during the loading.
*  Other minor bugs were fixed - thanks everyone who sent crash reports!

Hotfix 0.42.1
*  Fixed Player:GetPing() not working on client (issue #87).
*  Fixed Package:Log() not converting input to string (issue #89).
*  Fixed TextRender not working (issue #90).
*  Fixed a crash during a server load.
*  Fixed Client:SetMouseEnabled() crash (issue #92).

Fixes 0.43.0
* [Issue #96] Fixed StopAnimation not working.
* [Issue #77] Fixed files bigger than 500kb not being transferred.
* [Issue #109] Fixed characters not being able to crouch with Scale changed.
* [Issues #94 and #100] Fixed a huge bug causing deleted entities to persist after you reconnected to a server.
* An attempt was made to fix VOIP not working sometimes. Please warn us if you still experience it not working.
* Fixed a bug causing you get stuck at the loading when wrong the password.
* Fixed Scale not syncing properly.
* Fixed AttachedSkeletalMesh and AttachedStaticMesh not syncing properly on characters.

Hotfix 0.43.1
* Fixed Entities not being deleted after client disconnected, causing bugs and crashes.
* Fixed Sandbox's Package.toml not being sent to the client causing console warnings.
* Improved TextRender emissive font, will not be affected (that much) by motion blur (Issue #110 - Melvin).

Special thanks to the reporter:
* Melprm
* EinfachMaxYT
* FelixHtm
* Zaros
* Melvin
* Alex0130359