Development Blog #8

Hey guys and welcome to a brand new development blog entry!

Proudly, we want to present you the latest developments in nanos world. We invented a complete new vehicle system and added particles. Behind the scenes: We added a new supporter role and a fresh new support member is helping us a lot!

Please recognize that we will start to focus on some aspects of the latest developments in our blog entries. We published our change logs on our discord server - check out the devstufffeed channel!


Let's start with our latest fresh new innovation: Our new vehicle system. Our idea is that you can turn every mesh easily into a vehicle and to enable you to change every detail! The new vehicle is under the cheapeau of the idea of nanos: Providing you the possiblity to make your game idea become true without any complex barriers!

Our vehicles now supports more than 50 customizable parameters. To help you, we have a new built-in package: NanosWorldVehicles, with some already configured vehicles ready to work. For more information check out our documentation:


A "real feeling" in a world needs particles and effects: Thus, we introduced our new particle system supporting both Niagara and Cascade Particle System. For more information see our documentation page:

Auth System

We introduced our Account System which will require you to log in the game. More information will be published soon.

Some people might now complain: Why do you guys need an account system? First of all, an account system helps us to reduce paper work heavily. New testers can now sign NDAs online without the requirement of any other system. Secondy, we plan to connect account information to your account and to enably server to store your game progress without any further registration. Of course, data protection is really important to us: We are aware of your personal data and of course, we will comply to the data protection regulations.

However, we are planning to reduce registration by allowing other accounts to connect to our auth system in the future.

Support Members and EinfachMax

We need to clarify that currently not every person you see in discord is a nanos world developer. Only three to four members are directly working on nanos world. However, we are so thankful that a lot of people support our project. Therefore and to show you that we are only a small team working on our project, we decided to make this point visible on our discord. Until now, every supporter was also displayed as a "team member", we decided to change that and introduced the role nanos supporter which also includes future team member candidates. As such, EinfachMax who impressed us a lot with his work and contributions, was promotet. So please welcome our new supporter EinfachMax, we hope that you will make it into the team and are proud of your work, efforts and passion!

That's it for today, stay tuned and thank you for your support!