Update 0.26.0

New Features

  • Packages now have a Package.toml configuration file, in which you can setup some Package configs and set the Package dependencies. Among other features, you can now determine if a Package is executable or library. Executable means a common Package which will be executed normally, library means that it won't run until being imported by another package.
  • Assets Revamp! Assets were revamped and now are properly structured, each Asset folder in /Assets folder will be recognized as an Asset Pack, which has an Assets.toml configuration file as well. Packages can require for Assets to be loaded, so they can be used (refer to https://docs.nanos.world/getting_started/Assets.html).
  • Assets can now be referenced with a key-value pattern instead of the full path, for example: NanosWorld::SK_AK47 to reference to AK47 Skeletal Mesh Model. We are shipping nanos.world with a built-in Asset Pack called NanosWorld, which you can check all here: https://docs.nanos.world/getting_started/Assets.html#nanosworld-s-default-asset-pack. This list is not complete yet and we will be adding new Assets to the default asset pack very constantly.
  • We've added a Built-in Package/Gamemode called Sandbox which simply spawns you in a random character when you connect to the server, to load it, just add Sandbox to packages list in your Server.toml or pass --packages "Sandbox" when starting the server. It is possible to select this Gamemode when starting the server from within the game as well.
  • When creating Maps, you can add a .jpg image with the same name and at the same folder of your Map to be displayed in the In-Game Server screen.
  • We are also including the Server in the Client package (on itch.io), in a folder called /Server. This is where the the In-Game Server will look for configuration, packages and assets as well.
  • Some Secret Experimental Stuff.


  • Menu Screens were improved to follow a common design.
  • Token setting was removed from Config.toml while it is not being used.