Update 0.31.0

New Features

  • Lua Engine was updated to the new version 5.4.
  • New Render functions: UpdateItemText and UpdateItemPosition (to update currently existing Items position and text (if is a Canvas Text)).
  • New Render Event: ViewportResized.
  • Render Items ID now is called Group ID. When you create a new Canvas Item, it now returns an Item ID which can be used on methods UpdateItemText and UpdateItemPosition to update their properties.


  • Now the package NanosWorldWeapons is included as a built-in package and can be included by just Package:RequirePackage("NanosWorldWeapons") without the need of downloading it in your Packages/ folder anymore.
  • Now events will be properly catched by entity:on(""), without the first parameter which was the entity itself. I.E. you can properly define events for specific entities objects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Character:on("Death") and Character:on("Respawn") not working on Client side.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing to store tables in :SetValue().
  • Fixed some crashes and bugs.