Webpage Launch

Hey guys!

First of all, let us thank you for your support over the last weeks. Today, we would like to announce the new status on our web-page: We will begin to publish updates & additional information on a more regular basis! To give you a first impression, we’ve added the link to our documentation on our web-page. If you any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on our Discord!

We want to give you some more information about our prototype map "Armstrong". We have redesigned the map! We had the feeling that the first version of Armstrong had too many areas which were not accessible by players. A detailed article about the changes will follow, so stay tuned!

Unreal Engine import test from World Creator

Lastly, Gabriel is working on our scripting system and we have recently made huge improvements. In celebration of this event, we will create two game modes for our upcoming testing sessions. Some Q&A will also follow soon(TM).

That's it for now! This is just the beginning! Thank you for your support of nanos world, we promise to keep you more informed over the coming weeks!

Cheers, Malte